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Meet Buzz

Key facts:

Name: Buzz

Age: 3 year old

Breed: Cavapoo (Mum was: Black and Tan King Charles & Dad was: White Toy Poodle)

Location: Northamptonshire 

My favourite Food: 

I love to chew on things so that why I love Earls mint dental sticks they are really tasty and make my breath smell good. I have a couple of favourite treats one of them is Wagg treats they are really yummy and I love eating them. Another one of my favourites is Pedigree Tasty bites I love having these mixed into my food. I also love Peamutt Butter inside my Kong toy it keeps me busy. My favoutite dog food is langhams grain.

What I love doing the most: 

I Love playing with all my toys in the house and in the garden my best toy is my Kong mini tennis balls I love playing fetch with them I could play all day long. Apart from playing I love to cuddle up with my pawrents on the sofa and getting really cosy in the evenings. I love to go on walks and get off the lead so I can run around and play and its even better when my friends are out and we can play together. 

What else do I love: 

I have a a lot of different dog bandannas that my pawrents make for me mostly Disney and Buzz-Lightyear I love wearing these and getting photos for my Instagram. I also have lots of different outfits my favourite is my blue hoodie I like to wear this when I go on walks because it keeps me really warm and I look really cool. When I go out I love to see other dogs so I can play with them and seeing people mainly so they can fuss over me. I love going to see my family because they always spoil me and give me toys and treats and I love to get cuddles from them. 

My Tricks: 

I love learning new tricks and skills. At the moment I have mastered all the tricks below. But im always wanting to learn new ones so if you have any that you think I should learn let me know, send in your photos and videos so that we can put them into our cavapoo gallery for everyone to see. 

  • Sit
  • Both paws
  • Lay down
  • Stay
  • Fetch
  • Play dead
  • Rollover 
  • Sit Pretty

My Instagram: 

Come follow my fun adventures on Instagram im always uploading new photos and videos for my followers and I cant wait to see yours as well so hit that follow button and we can become great paw-pals. 


As a puppy I love to play in the garden with my toys and run around. I also love long walks and getting off the lead


I have a range of bandannas and they will be coming out soon!


I have a lot of cool dog clothes find links to them in the useful links section

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