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Did you know that you’re more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or home policy? Unfortunately, pets are just as susceptible to illness and injury as we are – in fact, 90% of the claims Petplan pays out are for illness, rather than accident. Insurance can help you ensure your dog gets the best care possible.
Just like us, pets are susceptible to anything from skin conditions to contracting an auto-immune disease, and everything in between. They need the same level of care as we do, whether that’s an X-ray, an MRI scan, or even chemotherapy to help diagnose and treat their health problems. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Insuring your pet allows you to focus on getting your pet back to good health – not on worrying about the vet bills you might need to pay out for.
There are a number of factors that affect how much insurance for your dog will cost, such as your dog’s age, breed and where you live. Our premiums are carefully calculated for each individual pet so why not get a quote and select the policy that suits your needs.
Every dog is individual and unique so we have a range of plans for your needs, from time-limited to lifetime policies – we even have a multi-pet discount if you have more than one furry friend. We’ve compiled a handy guide explaining the different types of policies in the market to help you decide which is right for you.
Our Covered For Life® policies are designed to cover long-term, chronic or recurring illness, as well as short term illness and injury. As long as the policy is renewed each year without a break, we will continue to provide cover for conditions such as diabetes or arthritis which require treatment over a long period of time, often for life. Other insurance policies, such as time-limited policies, will limit the time you can claim for each illness of injury.
Time Limited Pet Insurance, such as our 12 month Essential policy, is designed for pet owners requiring a less comprehensive policy. It is important to remember that each illness and injury on our Essential policies are covered for a maximum of 12 months. Should your dog suffer from the same condition again you will not be able to claim for it.
We know that pet health is complex. For this reason we underwrite all policies at the start of cover and will confirm whether any pre-existing conditions your pet has will be covered by your policy or not. You may have seen specific pre-existing condition policies being offered by other insurers, but it’s worth checking the cover provided because in some instances you would actually have more cover for a pre-existing condition on your standard policy.

When you take out a policy with us, you must tell us about any previous or existing conditions, illnesses or injuries, and we will then confirm whether we can provide cover for these on a case-by-case basis. We may tell you that we can only insure a condition when your pet has been free from it for a certain amount of time, for example.

We will be transparent about what is and isn’t covered, and will include this information in your Certificate of Insurance and terms and conditions.
We’ll cover the treatment of a dental injury and illness providing your pet has had a dental examination by a vet within 12 months prior to the onset of the dental injury or illness and that any treatment recommended was carried out within three months of the examination.